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Are you tired of hiring a real estate broker or agent and you wind up doing all the work? Are you tired of not having someone on your side to fight for what is right in your attempt to purchase the right home? Well you need to look no further here in San Antonio than the San Antonio Sisters from Keller Williams. Top Professionals. Friendly. Listeners. Attentive to details. They know the laws and they know the market. They don’t push on what you don’t want, but will help you find your perfect home that YOU WANT! The two sisters work together to have the right paperwork, done right the first time, and communicate well between the buyer and the seller. I used their services and found a home in record time and my closing was very smooth because of the hard work the Sisters did. I highly recommend the Barrineau sisters. They are all about YOU and will not hesitate to do the whole nine yards for you and your family. Do not look anywhere else but to the San Antonio Sisters for your real estate needs, whether buying or selling. You WILL NOT REGRET IT.

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